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Imperfect Stock - Signatur Marmor Små Play Mat

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Marmor (Marble)

The elegance of marble is undoubtedly timeless. It carries through time and space, from kitchen, dining, floor, bath, table tops... Why not play mat? An instant splash of splendour at any spot it is placed in. This new design is tailored for you; the Marmor is designed with the comfort and safety to suit your little ones, while aesthetically indulging your eyes. 

Geometrisk (Geometric)
A firm favourite and a classic, the Geometrisk is our flagship design yet. The Little Wiwa® signature, as known to many. The simplicity of lines that construct our Geometrisk play mats is a raw Scandinavian principle that we have held close since our inception.

The minimalist homes must-have.


PLEASE NOTE:- (Item is 40% OFF RRP)

  • Product is Brand New 
  • In original packaging
  • Product may have any of the following:
    • Aesthetic imperfections that do not affect the function of the product
    • Cosmetic imperfections (stain/ mark) on one side (Marmor), but no issue/ perfect on the reverse side (Geo Grey).

The items listed at time of purchase are not eligible for refund or exchange for change of mind. Standard product warranty applies for 6 months from date of purchase however it includes any known faults when purchasing the item. By purchasing any of our sample/ floor stock sale signifies that you agree to all terms and conditions of this policy.

There are no exceptions and no further discounts apply.

    Små: 100cm (L) x 140cm (W) x 15mm thick (2.1kg)

    MATERIAL: Non-toxic TPU Foam

    BONUS FEATURE: All Little Wiwa® play mats come rolled up with 3 Velcro straps in the packaging - these are reusable! They are handy for when you have to roll them up again for cleaning/ to take them outdoors/ playdates - so be sure not to cut them off :)

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to absence of toxic additives to TPU material, an ageing process comes naturally with the mats and you might find fading and discolouration over time with usage.  

    The timeframe of the ageing depends on the factors and conditions the mat is used and placed within. This process may be accelerated due to heat and humid conditions, prolonged direct exposure to sunlight and/or cleaning practices using harsh cleaning agents.

    Particularly with designs in white/lighter colour palettes, the ageing process may present as a yellowing on the surface and/or edges of mat that have been heat-sealed. This ageing process is not a fault but simply a characteristic of TPU material, and we hope you make an informed decision on the colours that you choose prior to purchase. Please refer to our Product Care instructions for best practise and how to minimise discolouration! :)



      • Ensure that all packaging materials are removed and placed away from little ones.

      • The mats are rolled up tightly in individual packaging to reduce volumetric shipping weight. Once taken out of the box packaging, unroll the play mat in reverse direction to release minor creasing and for it to relax and settle. Depending on how long the play mat has been rolled in the box, It can take up to a few days. 
      • There may be stubborn edges/ stronger creases when they are rolled too tight - simply roll it in reverse direction and use the velcro straps to strap it up, leave it overnight, then unroll it and let it face downwards to let it settle naturally. 

      • Simply wipe clean with soft cleaning cloth and warm soapy water before first use.



          • We highly recommend wiping the mat(s) clean with soft damp cloth for everyday cleaning.
          • The best way to thoroughly clean the mat is simply using mild (pH balanced) soap. If soiled, simply use a small amount of detergent and wipe down the entire mat and leave it to dry naturally/ dry with a dry cloth. 


          PLEASE NOTE:

          • Do not use any strong cleaning agents as prolonged use may damage/ discolour the mat. 
          • Most baby wipes contain fragrance stabilisers which are of alcohol functional groups that act as preservative-like properties. They are certainly antimicrobial but unfortunately alcohol is not suitable to clean TPU materials. Short term use may not show any/much changes however prolonged use may cause discolouration/ weaken the material and cause easy damage.
          • Please check ingredients listings carefully before use, as some natural sprays/ baby sprays may contain alcohol/ essential oils that are still considered strong degreaser (i.e. Eucalyptus Oils/ Essential Oils). Please avoid these as they may cause discolouration. 
          • Avoid alcohol/ alkaline based cleaning products to keep discolouration at bay. Prolonged use may weaken the material and cause it to easily tear.
          • Do not use any sharp or hot objects around the mat, as it may cause puncture damages.
          • Do not place heavy furniture on the play mat as it may cause puncture damages over time.
          • Do not leave it in direct sunlight to avoid heat damage and/or discolouration.
          • Avoid wearing shoes as it may cause puncture damage.
          • Do not use pens/ permanent ink/ markers on the mat. Ball-point pen marks are not removable.
          • Not suitable for steam cleaning.
          • Not suitable for pets as its claws may cause puncture damages.



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